Working Fathers in Turkey

Does the law require paternity leave for new fathers? No
Does the law require parental leave for parents? Yes
Does the law provide for paid or unpaid parental leave? Unpaid
What is the total duration of parental leave? 180
What is the wage replacement rate for parental leave? No provision
Does the law require that parents with minor children or workers with other family responsibilities be provided with flexible time or part time work options? Yes

More about paternity leave:

Under the Omnibus Law No. 6645 in 2015, new types of paid leave are provided. An employee whose spouse has given birth to a child is entitled to five days of paid leave. There is also an option of three days' paid leave in the case of a adoption of a child for adoptive employees.  The Civil Servants Code (No. 657) contrastingly grants a 10-day period of paid leave for male civil servants whose spouses have given birth.

Source: Additional Article 2 of the Labour Law 4857 (inserted through Law No. 6645)

More about parental leave:

Parental leave is provided under the Labour Law 2003. On the request of a female employee, an unpaid leave for 6 month maybe granted after the expiration of the maternity leave. However, this period shall not be considered in determining the employee's year of service for entitlement to a paid annual leave.

Employed parents whose child has at least 70% disability or chronic disease based on a medical report, are allowed to take up to 10 days' paid leave in a year for attending the treatment of the child on condition that leave may be taken only by one of the parents and without interruption.

(Art. 74 of Labour Law 2003; Additional Article 2 of the Labour Law 4857 (inserted through Law No. 6645)