Working Fathers in Estonia

Does the law require paternity leave for new fathers? Yes
What is the total duration of paid paternity leave at the time of delivery? 10 days
What is the wage replacement rate for paternity leave? 100 % of normal wage
Who pays for paternity leave? Government
Does the law require parental leave for parents? Yes
Does the law provide for paid or unpaid parental leave? A mix of both
What is the total duration of parental leave? 1095 days
Who pays for parental leave? Government
Does the law require that parents with minor children or workers with other family responsibilities be provided with flexible time or part time work options? No

More about paternity leave:

The provisions on paternity leave are found in the Employment Contracts Act.

New fathers are entitled to paternity leave for 10 working days. All employed fathers with temporary or permanent contracts are eligible for paternity leave. There is flexibility in the use of this leave since employees can decide to take this leave during two months before or two months after the birth of a child.

The paternity leave is fully paid leave with a limit of three times average earnings. The paternity leave is funded from the general taxation.

Sources:§60  of Employment Contracts Act

More about parental leave:

Parental leave is provided under Employment Contracts Act and Parental Benefits Act.

Parental leave is available  until a child reaches three years of age. However this is entitlement per family. Parental leave may be used in one part or in several parts at any time until a child is three years of age.

The parental leave is partially paid in the sense that parental benefit is paid at 100% of the average earnings for 435 days (62 weeks) from after the end of maternity leave. There is a ceiling of €2,378 per month, equivalent to three times the average earnings. The minimum benefit paid to the workers is minimum wage, i.e., €355 per month. For those parents who are neither working nor on parental leave, parental benefit is paid from the birth of a child at the flat rate of €320 per month until the child reaches 18 months of age. There is also provision for a flat rate child care benefit (€38 per month) paid from the end of parental benefit until the child reaches three years of age.

The parental benefit and child care benefit are funded from general taxation and are thus paid by the employer.

Sources:§62  of Employment Contracts Act;§1-4  of Parental Benefits Act