Working Fathers in Czech Republic

Does the law require paternity leave for new fathers? No
Does the law require parental leave for parents? Yes
Does the law provide for paid or unpaid parental leave? Paid
What is the wage replacement rate for parental leave? 70 % of normal wage
Who pays for parental leave? Government
Does the law require that parents with minor children or workers with other family responsibilities be provided with flexible time or part time work options? Yes

More about paternity leave:

There is no explicit provision in law entitling new fathers to take paternity leave. Fathers are however entitled to take parental leave from the date of the birth of the child until the child reaches three years of age. So, the parental leave actually includes short paternity leave for fathers. Read more under Parental Leave.

More about parental leave:

Parental Leave is granted to male and female employees if they apply for it. It is granted at any time from the end of maternity leave (for mothers) or the date of birth of child ( for fathers) until the child reaches the age of three years. A male employee can take the parental leave at the same time when a female employee takes maternity leave. Male and female employee can take parental leave at the same time. Parental Leave is individual entitlement however parental benefit is paid only to one of the parents. While on parental leave, an employee (male/female) is entitled to any wage compensation from the employer however parental allowance is paid under the State Social Support Act No. 117/1995 Coll.. The parental allowance is paid till a child reaches the age of 4 years. The maximum amount that can be drawn under the parental allowance until the child reaches the age of 4 years is CZK 220,000. The maximum amount of parental allowance is 70% of the previous monthly earnings with a ceiling of CZK 11,500 per month if a parent uses 24-month option. If a parent opts for the benefit until a child is three years old, the benefit has a ceiling of CZK7,000 per month. The benefit is paid from general taxation.

Source: §196 of Labour Code No. 262/2006; §1-2 of State Social Support Act No. 117/1995 Coll;