Working Fathers in Myanmar

Does the law require paternity leave for new fathers? Yes
What is the total duration of paid paternity leave at the time of delivery? 15 days
Does the law require parental leave for parents? No
Does the law require that parents with minor children or workers with other family responsibilities be provided with flexible time or part time work options? No

More about paternity leave:

The Social Security Law provides 15 days of paternity leave to the biological father for infant care after delivery. Paternity leave benefit is paid to the insured husband of an insured woman who takes maternity leave. The father must have at least six months of contributions in the 12 months before the date of childbirth or miscarriage. During paternity leave, insured worker is entitled to 70% of the average wage.

A lump sum of 50% of the maternity grant is paid to an insured father whose uninsured wife gives birth to one or more children at the same time.

Source: §28(a & b) of the Social Security Law 2012 

More about parental leave:

No provisions could be located in the law allowing parental leave for parents.