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Does the Law have provisions on maternity leave? Yes
What is the duration of maternity leave? 17.0 weeks
What percentage of the monthly salary does a worker get during maternity leave? 80  %
Who pays for maternity leave? Government
Does the law require that workers be protected from dismissals during the term of pregnancy and maternity leave? Yes
Does the law provide for the right to return to same position after availing maternity leave? Yes
Does the law require that pregnant and nursing workers must not be engaged in harmful work? Yes
Does the law require that pregnant workers be provided free ante and post natal medical care? Yes
Does the law provide for breastfeeding breaks for nursing mothers? No
Does the law require parental leave for parents? Yes
Does the law provide for paid or unpaid parental leave? Paid
What is the total duration of parental leave? 215 days
What is the wage replacement rate for parental leave? 100 % of normal wage
Who pays for parental leave? Government
Does the law require that parents with minor children or workers with other family responsibilities be provided with flexible time or part time work options? Yes

To comply with international standards, maternity leave duration should be at least 14 weeks and during maternity leave workers should be paid at least 67% of their wage.

More about maternity leave:

Female employees are entitled to 105 working days/122 calendar days (around 17.5 weeks) of paid maternity leave. Employee may choose to start her maternity leave from 30-50 days prior to her expected date of delivery.

Source: §3, Chapter 09 of the Health Insurance Act 2004; www.kela.fi/web/en/pregnancy_maternity-allowance

Maternity leave of 122 days (around 17 weeks) is a fully paid leave. It is paid by the Social Security Institution. The worker must have been covered by the Social Security Institution for at least 180 days before the estimated date of delivery.

Maternity benefit depends on a number of factors. Its minimum amount is 24.02 euros per day. The maternity allowance is 90% of the normal wages during the first 56 weekdays and 70% during the rest of the period.

Source: Chapter 09 and 11 of Health Insurance Act 2004; www.kela.fi/web/en/maternity-allowance_amount

More about parental leave:

Parental Leave is provided under the Health Insurance Act 2004. Parental Leave starts immediately after maternity leave. Its length is 158 week days and can be availed by either of the parents. Parental Leave increases by 60 days for each child, starting from the second child. So a couple with twins is entitled to 218 days of parental leave. The parental leave can also be taken in part-time. Parental Leave allowance is equal to the maternity benefit and it depends on taxable earnings. Its minimum amount is 24.02 euros per day.

Source: www.kela.fi/web/en/parental-leave_parental-allowance